With our in-house diamond cutting facilities and over three decades as a jewellery wholesaler and manufacturer, AVIA DIAMONDS is at the forefront of jewellery-making with best-in-class artisans, bringing you the finest craftsmanship beyond other jewellers. Our in-house designer and artisans are here to consult and guide you throughout this process, to create or remodel the jewellery of your dreams. Needless to say, our diamond supply allows us offer you some of the best prices in the industry.


At Avia Diamonds we offer the experience of designing one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces with our designers and artisans. Whether it is an original design or a twist to an existing style, we work closely with our clients to craft unique, custom engagement rings, wedding bands and other pieces of fine jewellery. Advanced setting and technicality is never an issue - talk to us to create yours now.


If you find old jewellery pieces you no longer wear and consider creating new bespoke piece(s) using the stones. Jewellery reconstruction allows you to preserve the sentimental value whilst adding a new touch of modernity and utility.