Elizabeth Li_founder_Avia Diamonds

Every jewellery begins with a love story. And ours begins with our father.

Avia /əˈvʌɪə/, which translates into Her Father in Hebrew - for he began the family business three decades ago and introduced her into the world of diamonds and fine jewellery

Growing up in a family in the jewellery business, Elizabeth Li has always had a fascination with diamonds. With our origins and three decades of experience as a fine jewellery wholesaler and manufacturer, we created a modern fine jewellery jewellery line without the luxury mark-up.

Avia Diamonds was launched in 2020 to be your go-to line for the modern women - sophisticated yet contemporary, polished yet relaxed. The intention is to create modern heirlooms that are as elevated as they are effortless. They can be worn daily, or for special occasions - and are well-crafted to last a lifetime and more.

Whilst we have an existing collection, we work with clients on creating one-of-kind bespoke pieces, from engagement rings to repurposing jewels from older pieces.