Elizabeth Li_founder_Avia Diamonds

Every jewellery begins with a love story. And ours begins with our father.

Avia /əˈvʌɪə/, draws its name from the Hebrew translation ‘Her Father’, honouring the legacy of our founder’s family business in fine jewellery spanning three decades.

Founded with an intention to create luxurious everyday pieces that reflect modern femininity and classic refinement, we create modern heirlooms, that epitomise both elevated allure and effortless elegance, for everyday wear or special occasions.

Growing up in a family in the jewellery business in Hong Kong, our founder, Elizabeth Li, has always had a fascination with diamonds. Jewellery was often gifted in her family for special occasions, she understood the transformative magic of jewellery, as well as its unique ability to create lasting memories and bonds that weave generations.

Each collection is a testament to the brilliance within us, a reflection of diamonds’ strength, resilience and enduring allure. While our existing collections are defined by unparalleled craftsmanship and modern designs, our bespoke atelier offers you the canvas to co-create unique pieces, from engagement rings to personalised designs, all bearing the hallmark of Avia Diamonds’s distinction.

Featured by Tatler Hong Kong, Elle Taiwan, and Sotheby’s Hong Kong, Avia Diamonds crafts modern heirlooms for every special moment.