About Us

Every jewellery begins with a love story. And ours begins with our father.


Avia /əˈvʌɪə/, which translates into Her Father in Hebrew - for he began the family business three decades ago and introduced her into the world of diamonds and fine jewellery.

Avia Diamonds is a fine jeweller specialising in fancy colour diamonds, white diamonds, precious and rare gemstones and many more. With our origins and three decades of experience as a fine jewellery wholesaler and manufacturer, Avia Diamonds was launched as a retail line with the intention to bring you exquisite diamond jewellery pieces without the luxury mark-up. Our online shopping is secure, with insured global shipping and free return policies - jewellery shopping has never been that easy.

We too are proud to present our exceptional and unique line of transformable jewellery - colour diamond jewellery pieces that can be worn in more than one way. Ever since the days of tiaras, transformable jewellery are the ultimate high jewellery, allowing precious diamonds and gemstones to be used in many ways. And we have mastered this art, we bring you transformable colour diamond jewellery for your every day use.


Avia Diamonds is able to bring you attractive prices without the luxury markup as we mange the entire production process and by going digital.

The intricate procedure of gem cutting is an integral part of ensuring the potential of every diamond, especially in coloured diamonds. It requires dexterity, precision, and patience. Our atelier has partnered with Israeli cutting and polishing facilities in its diligence to improve and expand. Our highly-skilled artisans study each stone, map its characteristics and carefully plot where the stone will be carved and set.

Coloured diamond jewellery requires a distinct savoir-faire. Refining the art of gem cutting and setting though craftsmanship specialised technology allows us to bring out its best colour, fire and light, of our diamonds.